Little Racheli Applebaum went to the pet store and approached the counter and politely said to the sales representative, “I’m interested in buying a rabbit.” “Aren’t you a sweetheart,” replied the motherly sales clerk.

As you know, colors are often used to communicate meaning for shoppers.

Think about problems you may have had in using products in your daily life, in reading or watching ads, and in shopping in retail stores while answering these questions. Have you ever had problems related to color in using the products that you buy?

We are also trying to learn what color blind shoppers suggest to make their product use and their shopping more comfortable.

Your input will enable us to provide consumer researchers with a better understanding of your perceptions, your needs, and your suggestions.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey today.

We are trying to understand the problems which color blind consumers experience in their daily lives.

It should not limit your son from being eligible to enlist in any branch of the US Military.

When he goes to MEPS, he will have to take an eye exam, but it's very basic; similar to a routine eye exam checkup. I had to take a rather detailed sight test when I enlisted for my MOS as a crew chief in the USMC.

We were asked to say what number was written in the circle and while my friends reeled off answers with confidence I said ‘mine doesn’t have a number’.

My friends looked at me like I was playing some sort of joke.

They were asked to leave, I stayed - thinking I was in trouble.