Elbridge Village Mayor Hank Doerr's petition for a vote to dissolve the town of Elbridge brings the statewide issue of consolidating government home to Central New York.

Combined, the town of Elbridge and the villages of Elbridge and Jordan have six clerks, three highway department supervisors, three lawyers, two fire departments and 15 members of town and village boards.

We think it's time for more government consolidation.

consolidating towns-22

Only 27 of these proposals were approved by voters.

Wyandotte County, Kansas, uses the term "unified government" to refer to its consolidation with Kansas City, Kansas, and most of the towns within the county boundaries in which some cities and towns remain separate jurisdictions within the county.

In Onondaga County, leaders have received $250,000 in state money for the Consensus project to study ways to make local government more efficient.

Everything is on the table, from informal agreements on sharing highway equipment to full- scale municipal consolidation.

That's a lot of government to pack into a town of 5,900.

The village and town halls are located within four miles of each other.

It will refund to taxpayers the increase they paid in school taxes, but only if the districts stayed within the state-imposed tax cap.

The state plans to extend the refund to local governments that stay within the cap, too, further tightening the screws on local governments to be more efficient.

Doerr is right to question how long the 700 residents of his village can continue paying to support a town and a village government.