In many ways, the film's story is in service to the music.

Singles not only featured live performances by Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, but employed a newly drafted Eddie Vedder – just called up to the majors of Pearl Jam from California himself – as well as Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard in acting roles as members of Citizen Dick, the fictional band fronted by Matt Dillon's lead character, Cliff Poncier.

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"The first time the cast all got together was at the Off Ramp, a club just off the main freeway in downtown Seattle," Crowe recalls.

"It was the second time Pearl Jam played in public with their new lead singer – Eddie from San Diego.

And Jeff Ament, in classic style, designed this cassette cover and wrote out these fictitious song names for the cassette.

And Chris Cornell was another guy who was close to us when we were making the record, and still is a good friend.

So I fell in love with the whole mix of genres, and I thought, "If I get to make a movie up here, it's going to sound like this."Right, the soundtrack is not just about Nineties Seattle.

You have a Jimi Hendrix tune, "May This Be Love," and he's a Seattle native, so you're dipping back into history a bit.

This interview was conducted last week, before news of Chris Cornell's death on May 17th. guys who lived off their girlfriends") moved to Seattle to make a fresh start.

In 1986, Cameron Crowe, in love with a Pacific Northwest girl, and frustrated with the craven scene in L. That girl was Nancy Wilson of hard-rocking sister act Heart, so Crowe was soon immersed in the city's scrappy music scene, frequenting the clubs and getting to know the young music geeks who, often laboring in coffee shops, "worked a nine to five and then played music all night." Crowe fell in love with the sounds and the ethos, and the idea for Singles, which he saw as a love letter to Seattle akin to Woody Allen's Manhattan or Spike Lee's many paeans to Brooklyn, was born.

Well, so much of the enthusiasm came from meeting and falling in love with a Seattle, Pacific Northwestern native.

And when I started going up to Seattle, and ultimately got married in Seattle, part of the whole kind of wonderful feeling of love and community that was so different from L. to me was there was this great radio station called KCMU.

I was very happy that [Mother Love Bone's] Andy Wood got to hear his stuff in a movie – and not just as something coming out of a passing car, but as a real moment – and the Mother Love Bone guys got to hear that in Say Anything. We did a video for "Dyslexic Heart" up in Seattle and everybody was happy to have him around.