I guess I could give it to you since you are my sweetheart, you know? All right, so you took off your blouse, I took off my shirt. Your breasts are just like I could imagine them, good size, not too big, not too small, it's like turning me on I feel so "Wow! " My penis would bulge through my underwear, starting to become erect.

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Uh, well, now just to let you know we have the trust between each other, and I can tell you are who you are through your voice, and you can tell who I am through my voice, and you just saw me over the webcam, I s'pose I can tell you, uh, have you ever seen a picture of, uh, a man's penis? Alright well, basically, it's the same, you could put one hand down there and take the other hand to massage one or both of your breasts at the same time.. Masturbation/ IT'S AWWWWRIGHT: You know another thing I should mention that like you know another reason why masturbation is all right is because you're not risking anybody else or getting a sexual disease.

You know what should be taught as well in addition to what sex is? where I feel I'm about to lose it, and then it all, it all just the stuff, yeah, yeah, some of my semen comes out. so I-- when I come I have a clean plastic cup by my side and I just make sure to put all of my semen in the cup there. Well, if you want me to, I could describe how masturbation works for a woman, because I've seen it through my share of the pornography and hentai anime I have.

And then after, after that, then I would remove my hand and then I would lick your clit. And on the end of it would be the USB cord right there, you'd plug that in, and the dildo, you, you wouldn't have to pull it like in or out, it would have like a thing attached to it, where it attaches to like, like the groin area probably, and it would just pump itself in and out like the man was, was doing you there. So then they - then she turns on the light and everybody jumps up and yells, "Surprise!

It would feel, it would feel so good to you, like as if I, like as if I was gently tickling you, you know, like you're in the wind, or the water rushing up to your vaginal opening, it feels so good. So like I imagine that would be how cybersex would be perfected, at that point. Under my coat: And now, I am wearing nothing underneath this housecoat. " and then on the 4th page, there's just a little private party, just a little private party between Blake and Bubbles. And then Bubbles, then Bubbles asks Blake, "Are you gonna come to the spring break party at the beach tomorrow, right?

And also, you know, here's an interesting fact, I've learned from the adult website, from the website quoted on Adam&Eve dot com, male semen is, eh, healthy for women, there's like random, there's like things I can't describe especially good for women and the flavor can change depending on what the man eats. I've heard the condom just goes up, goes up the vagina hole, with a little bit of plastic hanging out, so it can be easily taken out. Not that's just, uh, you just like something you can think about. You and I are entering the room, I'm prepared with a condom in my right pocket, and you are feeling so up to it.

Yeah, same applies for the woman's pussy juices, it's called. Or if I ate a whole lot of apples and strawberries, it would come out like apple or strawberry flavored. This is my dildo: [John Mayer's "Say" blares in the background] Oh, yeah, I got this, it's uh, uh, I forget what the word was, it was the tip of the, the tip of the penis, I actually uh, the scrotum, the scroutum [sic]is actually the area where the balls were. So anyway, I got something else I can show you, so I can explain, what, uh, a dildo is for you cause you know when you order something from Adam&Eve dot com they usually give you free DVDs or free gifts, with that, well anyway, they sent me one so I just held onto it, it's one dildo. So that's good, that's good, so well anyway, anyway, should you and I get together, if one of us uh, [something unintelligible in a high-pitched goofy voice] give yourself over to me well um, oh my god. Well, anyway, I was saying that if you did, oh, uh, if you did um like wear a condom, we'd still be good in God's eyes as long as uh, as long as you know, you don't get any, you don't get any in you, that's what condoms are for. You and I would walk over to the bed, and we'd take our shoes off, and we'd sit down on the bed, side by side, and we'd turn our heads to face each other, and we'd look into each others eyes, lovingly, (pretend like you know what we're about to do is just right) and we'd lean toward each other, and we'd kiss and we'd make out.

I'd lick your clit, and then I would lick the, lick, lick the little, lick the opening walls of your vaginal opening, and it would feel so good to you. She delivers him a cupcake, and he's just sitting there, and then at one point she's like, "Why don't you go ahead and blow out the candles, blow out the candle and make a wish? " And he says "Yeah, and I'm gonna put on my little, I'll put on my bad boy show for your gal-pals." And then for the next couple of pages, it's um, yeah, he's pretending, he's pretending to be the bad guy in front of everybody but Bubbles.

And then after about a minute of that, I would get myself ready to put my penis in your vagina, but then I would, then I would politely warn you since we both are virgins, I would say, "This might hurt a bit at first," but it would start to feel SO good then you would nod in understanding and agreement. Alright so basically, we're at the point where you're like the woman who, like, wants to get turned on by a man, and you pick up the phone, and I answer it, and you want, and you want me to describe what I would do to you, and how you would - then how you would feel and you would enjoy it so much and yeah. " And he's just like, "Well, I'll blow out the candle but I already have my wish." And then they kiss. But Bubbles, only in front of Bubbles, he'll be, he'll be the good boy in addition to the bad boy. All right so anyway, after that little plot bit, bit between Blake and Bubbles... Parody: I'll do a parody of Family Guy a little bit.

Okay, so anyway, he's coming home from work and uh, and he's coming into the house and uh, his wife Jane meets him at the door and she says, oh, hi honey, how was your day? Because they, uh, they lose erections around their wives at that point. You know, like a dummy, pretend person, basically, yes.

"The Holy Coat" [unintelligible mumbling] ..holy coat. So we've got, like, a husband and wife, we'll call them, like, Dick and Jane, right? I've learned, like you know, even though you've seen the husband seemingly betraying their wives to go to like uh, nightclub? They're just trying to get their erections back up so they can go home and be ready for their wives. You could do it before you put your next tampon in. Yeah, basically most of the time they're motionless, so, for me I would just put my dick in the vaginal entry and I would just pump and I would just pump it.

We'll find out soon enough, man, I left a button undone, there's the vaginal opening. Pretend that's YOUR vagina and I did that to you, doesn't that feel so good? I figure it would be on, it would be on the scrotum area of my penis. They mostly come in this shape, in jelly form or in hard plastic. Anyway, you can use this and put it up your buuuutttt and it will feel good. Oh yeah, our tongues are exchanging between our mouths, we're frenching and it feels so good, your tongue on mine and mine on yours just feels so good, right! You would sexually reach around your back, we're not kissing at this point, we're not kissing since we've taken off our shirts.