While OA-Senegal as an event is now finished, the job of realising its the legacy has only just begun.

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New Dakar Airport, aka Blaise Diagne, is an airport development project near the town of Ndiass, Senegal.

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The completed airport will have capacity to handle 10 million passengers p/a. Dubai and Senegal signed a Mo U under which DP World will construct and develop a logistics free zone at the new Dakar Blaise Diagne International Airport. Fraport threatened to withdraw from its build, management and ownership contract for Ndiass International Airport (Blaise Diagne), due to a decision by the Senegal Government to reduce its the passenger fee levels for the airport.

Fraport controls a 51% share of the project, which includes a 22-year management concession.

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Ocean Acidification workshop | 13-16 February 2017 | Dakar, Senegal | by Shona Paterson Sometimes the literal meaning of words do not do justice to the ethos and outcome of an event.

Yes, this was technically just a workshop that incorporated a training and a networking pathway but the reality surrounding OA-Senegal paints a different picture.

The highlights of OA-Senegal are too many to list but listening to the next generation of OA scientists presenting issues and solutions to the current experts in joint plenary sessions organised throughout the workshop was definitely one.

Having Madame Mariline Diara, the Director of the Ministry of the Environment and Designated Establishments, provide an important governmental perspective to ground the workshop in the reality of the targets associated with international agreements and conventions, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, that all ocean acidification research worldwide must feed into, was without doubt another.

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Funding was supplied by Future Earth Coasts, KOSMOS Energy, The IAEA Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre (OA-ICC) and SOLAS and the logistics would have been impossible without support from the Ecole Superieure Polytechnique and the Institut of Research for Development (Thank you Eric Machu!! Trainers and facilitators for the two pathways encompassed 14 academic institutes, research centres, NGOs and government agencies and covered local, regional and international spheres of influence from Sweden, the USA, France, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, and Namibia including the University of Gothenburg, Ma REI, USGS, SOCCO, and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.