Mistress, unwittingly, STRENGTHENS the marriage of her lover.For a woman, a connection with a married man, strange as it may sound, is also very, very attractive.Such an alliance is found in the modern world quite often, as it ceased to be something forbidden and condemned by the society.

danger of dating a married man-35

While a woman spends the rest without herself, a man multiplies assets. Share in the comments the thoughts and conclusions that you made for yourself after reading.

We do not condemn the representatives of the strong half of humanity, like snakes of tempters.

You deserve better than to “date” a liar and a cheat.

Today we want to consider the relationship between a man and a woman in a slightly different plane. He is an interesting, successful, but a married man.

Here one can single out sound arguments and delusions.

Good arguments – a woman knows what she wants: Each person has his own arguments. Everyone is free to make their own decisions, make their own mistakes, because they only learn from their mistakes.

In each alliance, a man pays his mistress the same price as she has appointed.

And these relations last exactly as much as two suit. A man will never leave the space in which he feels God near a contented woman.

And if they don’t, you might want to really think about what kind of man he is.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, holiday weekends, family vacations – you won’t have those moments with him unless he lies to his wife. There’s a good chance he told her that last night before they went to bed and this morning before he went to work. You’re helping him lie and cheat which makes you equally dishonest.

Moreover, NORMAL man, and many women are just such married men and choose, not at all an unprincipled scoundrel.