They may not be exactly like you, but most friends share some things in common.

Or the opposite where the boyfriend does something to upset her, so she purposely tells him she won’t have sex with him.

For example, she tells her husband no sex because he forgot to clean up around the house.

Barbie Girl You know exactly who I’m talking about, don’t you?

This is the girl that’s “too-perfect-to-be-real”, and that’s because she probably isn’t.

They spread their legs for any good looking guy with a modicum of game, heck, even some unattractive guys sleep with these girls.

This is mainly because they get drunk and frequent places where people go to hookup (bars and clubs).From my perspective as a relationship therapist, you are the only one responsible for the kind of person you date.So for all the men out there, here are 10 girls you should NEVER date (unless you’re looking for a relational train-wreck): Ms.She might not be very good with relationships and possibly treats other people poorly.If she can’t keep a friend, how could she have a healthy relationship? The thing is, most women lie about how many partners they’ve had.I’ve met plenty of girls who rarely post on Instagram or Facebook, and girls who don’t even have a Twitter or Instagram account.