My first guy was an Irish lad on the sultry beaches of Thailand, who lured me in with the incredibly heady promise of, “I bet you’ve never been properly f*cked.” He was right on that account, but his incredibly small penis and 30-second performance failed to back up that claim.

And then there was that lanky, long-haired Australian guy that shared my bunk space on a train to Mumbai.

I still get hot and bothered just thinking about him.

Sure, men go on the same post-divorce sexual journey, but I doubt they feel guilty or slutty because of it. Not because men don’t, but because sex can be a tool for rediscovery and healing.

So ladies, if you’re ready to become a sexual freedom seeker, do not feel guilty.

Following my seven-month journey, I was calmer, clarified and finally at peace.

Had I been sucked into the paradigm of being a “shameful sl*t,” I would have never discovered me.

My sexual freedom gave me sensual pleasure, but it also gave me courage. Alcohol, travel, loneliness and sex don’t always mix well.

I found myself slipping out of a few too many rooms early in the morning with only a hazy recollection of the night before.

Of course, I am not advocating being sexually irresponsible or practicing unsafe sex.

But perhaps sex, and exploring your sexuality post-divorce, are symbols of claiming back what you let go in your marriage.

So let yourself shine."Dating and empowerment coach Laurel House agrees, suggesting that you need to get comfortable being alone as well.

"You don't need to feel like you 'should' be out doing things," she says.

After him, I gave myself a Belgian for my birthday.