They must transition from having all of their mom’s attention to sharing her with both another man and his family.One of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re dating is essentially walking away from their kids to fall in love.

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Loss makes people fearful of more loss, so children who have already been through the death of a parent or the loss of divorce may be hypersensitive to losing their connection, time, and energy from their parent who is now dating and falling in love with somebody else.

In addition, if a single mom, for instance, is dating a man with children, the mom’s children will have to share their mom not only with a new man, but with his kids as well. While it may be a gain for the mom to fall in love, it is a loss for her children.

When a parent begins to date again, the children are losing a piece of their parent, and some of the parent’s time and energy, but they’re not losing all of their parent.

So parents can do things like date the new partner, but also date their kids without the partner.

It can be simple things, like spending one-on-one time with their kids.

It’s maintaining the little rituals of connection that we all develop within our own families.

They throw themselves completely into the other person. They feel like the new partner matters more than they do.

But this creates a resentment in the children’s hearts, which becomes a barrier to connecting with that new partner down the road.

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