So when you enter a new relationship, try not to let past experiences keep you from trusting anyone.Sure, you should always be on guard and pay attention to the things that are staring you in the face.

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Women are emotional (and hopelessly insecure) creatures. and practically every other woman – gay, straight, or bi – that I’ve ever encountered. And we tend to shack up before we’ve really defined our relationships or given them a chance to take form.

Regardless, the issue of jealousy seems to pop up like crazy in lesbian relationships, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re all… Think about it: we tend to be friends with our exes. It’s no wonder we have issues with getting a little green.

Unfortunately, many relationships between women end due to jealousy.

And no matter how many times you can learn from that mistake, it’s really easy to keep making it (especially when your exes are really hot).

Take it from me: it’s easier to fix this problem before it starts if you can.

How do you keep the Green Eyed Monster out of your relationship? You could lie to your girlfriend about something as innocent as forgetting to take out the trash and suddenly see your relationship spin out of control.

Just try not to get too caught up by figments of your imagination.

Finally, you can take some of the jealousy out of your relationship by acting as your title implies you should. You trust your friends no matter what they might have done in the past.

Some people may think that using Tinder is more like looking for love in all the wrong places, but the popular dating app has some distinct advantages over other sites. Just like on any other dating app—or even meeting someone new in person—starting a conversation can be nerve-wracking.

It cuts down on harassment because only people you match with can contact you and it helps you find people who are in your neighborhood. It's fairly easy to get a match on Tinder, but getting an actual chat going can feel more difficult than it actually is.

Let her live as if she is – – a person rather than just your girlfriend. It just means that you’ll be able to stay in a relationship together without always being on the lookout for evil-doing bitches who have nothing better to do than ruin your life. I HIGHLY recommend that you grab yourself a copy of The Lesbian Lifestyle Book.