Now that my dreams are totally crushed and all hope has faded for Diablo 3, I found a new hope: Diablo 4 Muahahhahahaaaa I have a feeling lessons have been learned after losing over 90% of all D3 players. That is assuming, they will reuse what Diablo 3 has. It is also good, there could be more heroes to start with. Also the depths they made so flaunting in Diablo 3, could offer something of greater interest and darker places to dig.

Well if they do a Diablo 4 sooner than later, I guess we can expect more heroes and larger map.

Maybe even a story line that changes based on the choices that your characters make and not just a single one where you wander from place to place for different reasons.

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There were also a couple of haters, and a few seemingly objective reviews by other dating gurus who either saw Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora’s Box program as evil because it was encroaching upon their territory, or thought that the program was actually quite decent.

What was sorely lacking, however, were reviews by real customers, and that’s what I set out to do with this blog.

Starting the game I went for the standard style build, focusing on raising an army of undead.

While this worked very well, there was something oddly fun once I gave the melee aspects of the skills a try.

Simply because if they do not do a good enough job of fixing this game then what are the chances that players will rush to by D4.

Why do people in the video game world think that to start a new tire company you have to begin with square blocks and relearn how to make tires all over again?

Season 3 will be ending at the following dates and times for each region: It’s been some time since Blizzard’s release of the Diablo III expansion “Reaper of Souls” back at the Gamescom 2013 Expo…

so it brings us to wonder if Diablo IV might be coming soon.

When I first came across PB, it sounded kind of shady, but it was hard to find helpful reviews that would help me make a decision about whether to get it or not.