I had called several times and was informed to go online (after I was never sent the link they claimed to have emailed me before installation).When I tried to get my rebate online it always gave me a message that I wasn't eligible for any rebate and to call customer service.a month, a .00 savings for 12 months of the 18 month contract. No where in the pages of paper work I have is there an experation date for this rebate..

I am thoroughly displeased with this company and I will be cancelling the service as soon as my 18 month contract is overwith. I'll be discouraging everyone I know from using Direct TV!!!

I am on the phone right now about this very subject, my so called online deal is based on a rebate that was never applied for? I to waited because of the prorated billing I thought was on my bill.

When I told them that I wanted to canc the contract for false information he informed me he would charge my credit card 500 dollars.

I would warn anyone of using this company and I think that we should all find an attorney that will do a CLASS ACTION SUIT against them for False advertisement.

Explain everything and just ask to be relieved from your contract!! I agree the same thing pretty much happened to me, Directv is by far the lousiest satellite service with the worst customer service, the person who answers the phone NEVER knows and has to transfer you to a different department, goodness it is soooo annoying. I signed up my mother for a new account and they said to go before the installation to get the $26 rebate.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I went to their website and tried to process the rebate.

I think we should go to the Federal Trade Commission.

They offered us a great deal to switch from Dish Network (we'd been with them 11yrs) upgraded equipment free, more chanels free, 3 months movies free all for the same monthly fee. charged to our Credit card would be the only charge. Our first bill was .00 charged to our Credit card, then another .00 showed up.

She basically told me I was stupid and did not listen to what the guy was telling me when I signed up for the service.