The rear seats in the Access Cab model are best for children or adults on short trips, but the rear seats in the Double Cab are much better, with storage both under the seat and in a separate compartment accessed by flipping down the seatback.

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low front seats presented a problem for some drivers, and because the Tacoma is a body-on-frame truck its ride can feel rough, especially when compared to the more car-like Honda Pilot.

Off-road models see their ride and handling measurably diminished, but their off-road abilities more than make up for any minor discomfort.

The base version has black bumpers and grille, the Pre Runner has the off-road look, and the option packages, from SR5 Extra Value to TRD Pro Series to Limited, add their own details.

As would be expected of Toyota, the quality, fit and finish are as good as it gets.

The 4.0-liter is smooth, powerful and returns acceptable fuel economy for the class, plus it can be paired with either a manual or automatic transmission.

FUNCTIONAL BED Every Tacoma compact pickup for 2015 includes a composite inner bed including a built-in storage compartment and four rail-mounted sliding tie-down cleats.

As Ford and Ram have completely abandoned the compact/midsize pickup segment, the Tacoma’s only real competition comes from two rivals: Nissan and GM.

Nissan’s Frontier is solid but doesn’t offer as many model variations.

While the Tacoma compact pickup from Toyota is competent, it can’t match the payload or passenger capacity of a full-size pickup.