Since many women over 60 are still working, either by choice or necessity, it is essential that we understand how to use the latest networking tools.

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The site includes a wide range of social and volunteer charity activities.

You can search for other women using fields like age, marital status, local area, interests, activities and passions.

In my view, it is one of the most useful online networking groups for women of all ages.

The Red Hat Society has been around for a few years!

It also offers hundreds of groups with interests ranging from photography to food blogging and entrepreneurship.

Linked In is an online tool, but when you have hundreds of people interested in the same things as you, the conversation and experience in the groups is amazing.

If you are interested in visiting museums, for example, you can call your group “Women Who Love Museums in (your city).” Or, you can join an existing group.

Meetup says that more than 9,000 groups get together in local communities around the world each day.

The idea is to pull together groups of like-minded women.

It is a bit like Meetup, but, it also has an online discussion forum if you want to connect with women in other parts of the country online. I joined myself to see just how it worked, and got lovely invitations and conversations from women around the United States.

You can go here to see examples of Meetup women’s groups already organized.