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) 16) Kreator – 'Gods Of Violence' (Nuclear Blast – Still making a wonderfully ugly noise!

) 17) Sari Schorr – 'A Force Of Nature' (Manhaton – Enjoyable blues-rock… ) 18) Renaissance – 'Illusion: Through The Fire' (Angel Air – Expanded re-boot of album from 2001) 19) Raveneye – 'Nova' (Frontiers – Okay, I'm a bit late with this one, but will check 'em out supporting Kiss) 20) Devilskin – 'Be Like The River' (nz – Attitude-charged, female-fronted rock from New Zealand) 1) Steve Hackett – 'Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Inside Out – Deluxe five-disc set of his spine-tinglingly excellent gig in 2013) 2) Pride Of Lions – 'Fearless' (Frontiers – Jim Peterik really is the king of melodic hard rock) 3) Thunder – 'Rip It Up' (Ear Music – It's a grower…) 4) Black Star Riders – 'Heavy Fire' (Nuclear Blast – They've stepped out of Lizzy's shadow at last) 5) Blackfield – 'V' (Inside Out – Geffen and Wilson are such a talented duo…

Revolution Go' (Fantasy – Bluesy hard rock to die for) 8) Biters – 'The Future Ain't What It Used To be' (Earache – Wonderful fresh-sounding retro-rock) 9) Michael Monroe – 'The Best' (Spinefarm – Double-disc resume of his solo years… ) 10) Warrant – 'Louder Harder Faster' (Frontiers – A great rock record, but is it really Warrant?

Hmm….) 11) Glenn Hughes – 'Feel' /'Addiction' (Purple – Newly expanded, re-mastered, double-discs) 12) Celtic Frost – 'To Mega Therion'/'Into The Pandemonium'/'Vanity/Nemesis' (BMG – The controversial so-called 'ultimate editions'! ) 13) Ten – 'Gothica' (Frontiers – Melodic hard rock of massive depth and scope) 14) Burnt Out Wreck – 'Swallow' (– Highly enjoyable AC/DC-inspired rock… ) 15) Barclay James Harvest – 'Octoberon' (Esoteric Recordings – Triple-disc edition, including new stereo and 5.1 mixes) 16) The Dogs D'Amour – 'Swingin' The Bottle: The BBC Radio Sessions' (Dynamite Jet Saloon –Does what it says on the… ) 17) All 4 1 – 'The World's Best Hope' (Frontiers – Terry Brock, Gary Pihl and Robert Berry… ) 18) The Who – 'Isle Of Wight 2014' (Eagle Vision – 2x CD DVD set) 19) Rex Brown – 'Smoke On This…' (SPV – Diverse, mature solo debut from Pantera/Down bass player) 20) Sons Of Death Valley – 'Fathers Of The Free' (Prime – Cowboy-themed, bluesy hardcore from the plains of… 21) Balkun Brothers – 'Devil On TV' (Dixiefrog – Fiery, aggressive "back porch stomp boogie"; their description… ) 22) Kickin Valentina – 'Imaginary Creatures' (Target – A rowdy mix of rock 'n' roll, hair metal, melodic rock and sleaze) 23) Cloven Hoof – 'Who Mourns The Morning Star' (Hey, don't go changing guys… ) 24) Next To None – 'Phases' (Inside Out – A brave, accomplished sophomore set) 25) RPWL – 'A New Dawn'(Gentle Art Of Music – These German art-rockers just cannot do 'simple', nor should they) 26) Nirvana (UK) – 'Local Anaesthetic'/'Songs Of Love & Praise' (Esoteric Recordings – The *real* Nirvana, haha! ) 6) Harem Scarem – 'United' (Frontiers – Terrible title for an album, which is a shame because this rules) 7) Dan Baird & Homemade Sin – 'Rollercoaster' (Jerkin' Crocus Promotions – Rock 'n' roll as it was meant to be!

) 15) Janus Stark – 'Great Adventure Cigar' (Earache – Hadn't played this in decades – no wonder Dave Grohl loved it!

) 16) Over Kill – 'The Grinding Wheel' (Nuclear Blast – I'm trying to overcome a tendency to write off these guys… ) 17) Electric Guitars – 'Rock 'N' Roll Radio' (Target – Melodic hard rock administered with an AC/DC-esque punch) 18) Alcatrazz – 'The Ultimate Fortress Rock Set' (The Store For Music – A thorough six-disc audio-visual boxed set) 19) Edenbridge – 'The Great Momentum' (SPV – Melodic female-fronted symphonic metal… ) 20) Gravytrain – 'Staircase To The Day' (Esoteric Recordings – Dating back to 1974, this was the fourth, final and best album from the little-known British proggers) 21) Haken – 'Aquarius'/'Visions' (Inside Out – Newly re-mastered, expanded editions of their albums from 2010 and '11) 22) Quiet World – 'The Road' (Esoteric Recordings – Obscure yet quaint religion-driven concept piece from 1970, with guest Steve Hackett) 23) The Murder Of My Sweet – 'Echoes Of The Aftermath' (Frontiers – Female-fronted symphonic metal) 24) Stephen Pearcy – 'Smash' (Frontiers – Contains some great moments but also a whole lot of filler) 25) Stefanie – 'Stefanie' (Escape Music – Strong female-fronted AOR, backed by members of Shotgun Symphony and Prophet) 1) Status Quo – 'Status Quo Live!

' (Universal boxed set – the perfect send-off for poor ol' Rick…

RIP, sir) 2) Uriah Heep – 'Look At Yourself' (BMG – Newly revised and featuring a bonus disc of 're-imaginings') 3) Maschine – 'Naturalis' (Inside Out – A second album from the Dunnery-approved proggers) 4) Marcus – 'Marcus' (Rock Candy – Once referred to by Sounds as "perhaps the greatest obscure heavy metal album of all time") 5) Michael Schenker – 'Michael Schenker Fest' (Inakustik – Double-disc, special guest-strewn show from Tokyo) 6) Pain Of Salvation – 'In The Passing Light Of Day' (Inside Out – Super-personal subject matter and very dark at times, but utterly fantastic!

) 2) Walk On Fire – 'Mind Over Matter' (Escape Music – Unexpected and very welcome back to the long-lost UK melodic crew) 3) Hawkwind – 'Into The Woods' (Cherry Red – They just keep on deliverin' the goods…) 4) Quatro-Scott-Powell – 'QSP' (Sony Australia – Some covers, a few originals and a cool vibe… ) 5) Ayreon – The Source' (Music Theories Recordings – A preposterously complex concept piece, but heck… ) 6) Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow – 'Stranger In Us All' (Hear No Evil – Newly expanded edition; much better than I recalled!

) 7) Barclay James Harvest – 'XII' (Esoteric Antenna – The new triple-disc edition, complete with stereo and 5.1 mixes) 8) Mostly Autumn – 'Sight Of Day' (Mostly Autumn – Their first in almost three years is worth the wait) 9) Sinner – 'Tequila Suicide' (AFM – An enjoyable slice of good time, sometimes Lizzy-ish hard rock) 10) Erja Lyytinen – Stolen Hearts' (Tuohi – Finland's Queen of Slide goes up a few more gears) 11) Humble Pie – 'Official Bootleg Box Set Volume 1' (Hear No Evil – Hit and miss recording quality clouds these otherwise great shows from 1972, '72 and '74) 12) The Night Flight Orchestra – 'Amber Galactic' (Nuclear Blast –Members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy unite in prog-classical homage) 13) John Otway & The Big Band – 'Monserrat' (Red Bowler – Cor baby, this is really great!

The RCA Years' (Sony Music – Seven-disc vinyl boxed set that includes a gatefold edition of 'The Rainbow: Live In The UK 1973') 2) Status Quo – 'Blue For You'/'Just Supposin''/'Never Too Late' (Universal – The newly expanded double-disc special editions) 3) Inglorious – 'Inglorious II' (Frontiers – The best of the vintage-aspiring hard rock bands out there) 4) Cheap Trick – 'We're All Alright' (Big Machine – What an institution! a real grower) 19) Red Butler – 'Nothing To Lose' (House Of Tone – Splendid female-fronted blues… ) 20) Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly – 'On Her Journey To The Sun' (Inside Out – Ex-Beardfish man returns in style!