If you strike down pestilent scoundrels, they will play victim, using law to have you punished and suing you for free money -- but if you do not strike them down, you are tolerating one more act against civilization.September 23, 2017 Soul Certificate Anyone can be given legal documents proclaiming them to be a nationality they aren't, but no one who isn't French can be made into a Frenchman.The non-Frenchman lacks a French soul and no document can bestow him one.

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This kept citizens polite and respectful towards one another, as any bad act was subject to retaliation. The cunning enemies of civilization didn't like it when bad people could be stopped, so branded punches as violence and banned them, as if adults can't handle being hit when appropriate to stop their madness.

By making a punch illegal, all are forced to accept antisocial behavior without any practical remedy for stopping it.

Though your leaders have failed to uphold civilization once again so that your children will have all that you had, you should remain cheerful as you despair over collapse and the impotence of those in power to do what is easy and wanted.

Those with power use this tactic for good reason, but it is defeated by remembering the healthy condition that used to be and working towards what you want, rather than what they wish to foist upon you for their gain.

The jackals grew bold knowing they could do anything and others had no recourse except to tolerate it.

Soon everything wicked had to be tolerated, and this passive acceptance of everything destructive, ugly, and abominable was called a virtue and enlightened.October 24, 2017 In The Rear View Mirror, Constantly Looking Down The most dangerous driver on the road is the dopamine addict using a phone to find material to react against and crudely simulate social communication by indicating approval and feeling jealousy.Addicts reveal monstrous appetites for whatever controls them.Hesitation injures and kills, leading to withdrawal.Risk aversion makes boring and safe as well as unfulfilled.A non-French person given French citizenship doesn't give a hoot about French culture, French values, or French civilization.