At first he says it very quietly making you feel like it’s not even an issue – only with time you realize how BIG this issue is and that your open-minded sweetheart can’t stop talking about it.

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Most non-Jewish girlfriends, fiancés and wives struggle with most of the things I’ve mentioned above.

Being in a culturally mixed relationship is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating things that can happen to a woman – yet, it is one of the most challenging ones, as well.

For newcomers, dating locals can be something of an enigma.

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She always talks louder than you so even if you have something smart to say you won’t be heard. She doesn’t complain like you and she doesn’t expect that much from her lovely boy.

She knows how to protect her son better than you, and she knows where the warm socks and scarf are after all. She can needle her boy so well that she’s become a master in “Jewish Acupuncture.” Okay, maybe you do master some of the qualities mentioned above but I’m pretty sure you are still far away from being as good as the real Jewish mommy.It doesn’t matter how smart you are and how lovely your answers are – you can’t do anything about your roots and religion (or the lack of).Eventually, the polite talk will get stuck on one and only one subject – conversion. In the worst case scenario, in the eyes of a very religious Jewish mother, even conversion won’t make you good enough for her son. But hey, let’s try to be optimistic again–maybe you’ve decided that you want to convert to please the family (mostly the mother) of your loved one.It wasn’t really offended but I was sort of annoyed.When the guy asked me the “magic question,” I immediately knew that there was no point in continuing the conversation.Being with an Israeli man means facing religious differences so I sincerely recommend that you state your needs and feelings regarding this subject before getting into a serious relationship.