The calligraphic decoration on this bowl reads "Planning before work protects you from regret; prosperity and peace," but the shortening, bending, and elongation of the letters has transformed the words into abstract motifs of tremendous power.

With its monumental presence and the artful arrangement of its letters, in which vertical flourishes punctuate the horizontal flow of the words at rhythmic intervals, this bowl stands out among the many other inscribed ceramics of the same period.

In fact, the inscription suggests that it was probably made for a humbler individual.

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Since this bowl was not among the objects unearthed in Nishapur at the time of the Metropolitan Museum excavations, its attribution is based entirely on visual analysis. "Balcony Calligraphy Exhibition," June 1, 2009–October 26, 2009, no catalogue. Archaeologica Orientalia in Memoriam Ernst Herzfeld.

It is a superb example of the most common type of black-on-white ware associated with that center. "The Celestial Pen: Islamic Calligraphy," September 28, 1982–February 7, 1983, no catalogue. The elegance and sophistication of the calligraphy demonstrate a particularly close kinship between calligrapher and potter. By 875 the Samanids had established an autonomous state, controlling a vast and important area of the eastern Islamic world. Katibaha-yi sufal-i Nishabur/Inscriptions on Nishabur Pottery. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts." In Intermediary Demons Toward a Theory of Ornament. 7 (b/w)Montebello, Philippe, and Kathleen Howard, ed. The Big Ihtifal features speakers and performances from the U-M Arab community and surrounding areas.