Hi, I would like to ask two questions about my Fender guitar.

I own a second hand Standard Stratocaster made in Mexico.

The numbers for each year typically overlap, as there is always a transitional period between successive years and as necks that are made and serial numbered late in any given year are used on instruments assembled in the early months of the following year.

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They were limited on the amount they could use, so naturally fender had to stop using it (just on the mexican made models, since their mass produced in very large numbers, more than american made ones), so they just substituted the alder with poplar since it is basically the closest they can come (as far as sound goes) to the alder while keeping with a tonewood that's good for guitar bodies.

They had to do this for a few years until enviromentalists worked everything out, somewhere in the mid-nineties fender was given the go-ahead to start using alder again for their major mass-production guitars.

This new numbering scheme was short-lived and was replaced only a few months later by an improved scheme that identifies an instrument's country of origin and year of manufacture in the body of the serial number.

This new scheme uses the letters MX as a prefix to designate an instrument made in Mexico, followed by an eight-digit number.

Note: in October 2010, some artist models switched to the new MX10 numbering scheme.

The Ritchie Blackmore Stratocaster and Duff Mc Kagan P Bass use an MSZ serial number prefix.Is it possible that bodies in Mexican Strats after 1996 were made from poplar ? As I mentioned before, I was unsure because of the sixth digit in the serial number - but yours and Guitar_Hurricane's posts helped me a lot.Thank you in advance, regards Tomek Hi, recently I was having my guitar serviced and luthier said that body is probably made from poplar.This new scheme is now used on the majority of Fender instruments made in Mexico, with certain exceptions.EXCEPTIONS The Jim Root Telecaster, James Burton Standard Telecaster, Buddy Guy Stratocaster (polka dot model), Robert Cray Stratocaster and Jimmie Vaughan Stratocaster use an MSN serial number prefix.Don't hold me to this information, a few things here and there could be wrong but thats basically how the story went. Here's a site you can use for dating fender guitars and a number of other guitar makers, it's a good one for your anniversary pickups, I'm not too sure about them, but for all I know they could be alittle more top-of-the-line, with an anniversary model they usually upgrade something, most likely it will be the pickups, since that's the number one upgrade that does a guitar justice._________________Chet Feathers Authorized Tone Pros Dealer Authorized WD Music Products Dealer F/A Official Southpaw Compliance Certification Tester I didn't Lose my mind, I traded it for this guitar. I have thought that my guitar's body was made from poplar - as far as I remember, I had browsed found poplar in Mexican Strats specs.