It includes talking things out, praying things through, being patient as you trust God to work in both of your hearts, being willing to admit when you are wrong and asking forgiveness, and seeking God's counsel regularly in His Word.If either spouse fails to both leave and cleave, problems will result in a marriage.

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She would not say things the way that you do, she would find nothing wrong with him at all, she would agree with everything that he says, etc. Basically she is a "saint" who he has placed on a pedestal a little lower than God Himself.

When you question him he denies any wrong doing on her part, says his childhood was great, says that she was the best mother that anyone could have and that she is the "Woman who gave birth to him" so he is not going to trash his own mother.

And the nerds were super-nerdy cartoons, with tape on their glasses.

It’s one thing if your guy talks to his mom once a day because she has no one in the world but him (which is still a scary thought), but if he and his mom have telephone conversations multiple times a day to gossip or just tell each other the little things that girlfriends usually tell one another, this is a huge "red flag."What makes this so frightening is the fact that when anything significant, or insignificant happens in his life, the first woman he thinks to call is his mom, not you. You begin to realize that in his eyes his mother DOES EVERYTHING better than you do.

This kind of thinking pretty much allows her to get away with anything. She may have been the worst cook in the world, she may have never loved him UNLESS he was taking care of her needs, she is in reality a narcissist who sees everything that happens in the world as if it revolved around her.

She probably turned him as a child into a surrogate husband because either she was divorced, widowed or single and was not close to her husband if she was still married to him.

If spouses refuse to truly leave their parents, conflict and stress result.

Leaving your parents does not mean ignoring them or not spending any time with them.

Shocked and utterly confused, you answered “yes” and were quick to change the subject. She wants to know everey single detail, hoping against hope that the fight will be the one that "is the last straw" in your relationship.

Eventually you find out that she knows EVERYTHING that happens in your lives, including when you have a fight. When your husband tells her what the fight is about, regardless of how fair it is and the fact that he may very well have been completely WRONG, she takes his side against you, and even encourages his wrong thinking.

She forced her son to wait on her hand and foot, and she showered him with very unhealthy attention that bordered on looking at him as her spouse instead of her son.