The children’s program includes working with children through music games; for teens there will be more ear training and quizzes on basic music theory; for adults the program is expanded and includes advanced sight reading, ear training, singing in four parts, and practicing harmony.The program for teens and adults also includes the elements of pop music notation and chord charts. The curriculum includes music notation with explanation of Italian music terms, acoustics, and musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, articulation, timbre, dynamics, texture, and form.

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FAMILY FUN – a program dedicated to parents and students.

During the lesson small chamber groups will compose and create their own music.

This program will also include very specific finger exercises.

COMPOSITION – this program is for students pursuing composition degrees.

We will start rehearsing Mozart's Divertimento in D major.

Saturdays: – pm: conducting lessons – pm: conducting seminar Sundays: – pm: ensemble rehearsal – pm: short review of the rehearsal with the conducting students This is a 12-week program devoted to the history of classical music and composers.

There will be demonstrations of examples from music history, and exercises for ear training such as intervals, chords, and music memory.

For teens and adults the teaching material will also include practical use of theory on the piano.

Jerzy Stryjniak and his wife, musicologist Joanna Stryjniak.