I hail from Rajasthan (yes we do not have much of water there) & have been swimming from the age of two and a half when my mother introduced me to the pool.

I began as a short distance swimmer and began to compete in competitions, however, my mother and coach, Leena Sharma, realised that I had the capacity to swim longer distances and this is how I began open water swimming.# In the January of 2015, I set a world record by swimming 2.28 kilometres in 41.14 minutes in one degree temperature at Antarctic Ocean,creating the record of longest distance ever swam in Antarctica and becoming the youngest swimmer to do so too.# In 2010, I swam 1.8 kilometres in the Arctic Ocean with the water temperature hovering between 4-6 degrees Celsius.

The Olympic Games, which originated in ancient Greece as many as 3,000 years ago, were revived in the late 19th century and have become the world’s preeminent sporting competition. Since 1994, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games have been held separately and have alternated every two years.

The first modern Olympics took place in 1896 in Athens, and featured 280 participants from 13 nations, competing in 43 events.

My name is Bhakti Sharma & I hold a number of world records to my credit in long distance swimming. This event involves swimming 10kms & I am training to represent India at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, Japan.

In Jan 2015, I set a world record by swimming 2.28 kilometres in 41.14 minutes in 1 C temperature. Long distance swimming also called OPEN WATER SWIMMING & it’s now become an Olympic event.

The ancient Olympics were held every four years between August 6 and September 19 during a religious festival honoring Zeus.

The Games were named for their location at Olympia, a sacred site located near the western coast of the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece.

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

In the opening ceremony, King Georgios I and a crowd of 60,000 spectators welcomed 280 participants from 13 nations (all male), who would compete in 43 events, including track and field, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling, cycling, tennis, weightlifting, shooting and fencing.

In order to qualify for this event, I have to compete in the following events.

In order to be ready for these events and finally the Olympics, I need to be able to train at the highest levels and with people that are very proficient at my sport.

The Olympic flag, featuring this symbol on a white background, flew for the first time at the Antwerp Games in 1920.