After tracking her old address (Monica's apartment) he asks her out on a date.

Not much is known about his relationship with Phoebe, but it is mainly based around sex.

Legislation and policy changes, new procedures and local news are constantly changing.

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For a fair and fast-paced look at the life and opinions of cops everywhere, look no further.

More than twenty years on the force carries some serious weight.

I just want to be around her as much as I can." Chandler is touched by this and considers moving in with Monica.

Gary tells him that it is too soon for them, and Chandler agrees with a smirk.

With so many sources of content out there, it can be challenging to sort through the nonsense to determine what’s worth reading.

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She even follows him into a men's toilet intent of getting into his pants.

In The One With The Ball, Gary tries to move the relationship with Phoebe forward, and tells Monica that he is going to ask Phoebe to move in with him.

Good for more than a laugh, the blog details the experience of being a cop while trying to hang on to your sense of personhood and good humor.