And the doctor may test for conditions such as thyroid disease. If you are diagnosed with a condition, don't leave the office or hospital without asking how sure your doctor is of the diagnosis, and why, says Carolyn Clancy, M.

Ask about treatment options, including antidepressants, exercise and sleep changes. D., director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in Rockville, Md.

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Researchers who tracked 1,300 women for 20 years until they were at least 65 found that at study's end those who drank seven to 14 drinks a week were 60 percent more likely to have problems with thinking and memory than nondrinkers. "If you have felt down, sad or hopeless, or had little interest or pleasure in doing things for the last two weeks, ask your doctor to screen you for depression," says Gloth.

Other studies have found that moderate drinking increases breast cancer risk. He or she will ask questions about energy level, sleep patterns and suicidal feelings.

As much as a date is about questioning and interrogating each other, it’s also a lot more about keeping the conversation going and having a great time.

Here are five questions to ask on a date that can make the difference between a happy future and a wasted date.

If you really want to know the questions to ask on a date, and have a charming, gushing conversation that can carry on for hours, read these two tips.

It’s got everything any man or woman would ever need to carry on a conversation on a date."You want to hear 'I've done a fair number,' not 'It's a procedure I'm dying to try,' " says Clancy.First dates can be exciting, and yet, a bit jittery, what with all the list of date questions everyone’s armed with these days!Screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis should be on your radar, too, says Wen. And address menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep difficulties and vaginal dryness.Postmenopausal women are at much higher risk for osteoporosis than men, says Wen.But how can you judge if your date is a long term potential?