Andrew Siciliano, in a suit and glossy dress shoes, paces his circular stage, no larger than a college dorm room.

He picks at a leafy salad from a styrofoam container as his eyes dart across the wall in front of him: monitors showing all seven live NFL games.

So, unless you are lucky enough to see it at another film festival, you'll have to wait for it to become available for the the small screen.

ROCK IN THE RED ZONE is an intimate portrayal of life on the edge in the war-torn city of Sderot.

Once known for its prolific rock scene that revolutionized Israeli music, for thirteen years the town has been the target of ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza strip.

(There has also been an uptick in Direc TV’s fantasy-centric programming, Long says).

This can be framed in two ways: Either Red Zone was progressive in its launch a decade ago, foreseeing how fans wanted to watch football, or it has itself been an agent of change, eroding the viewer’s willingness to sit passively through those three-hour single-game blocks.

It was shown as part of the excellent Rochester Jewish Film Festival.

Congratulations to the RJFF for bringing Avi Vaknin to Rochester to perform onstage at the Festival.This film is worth seeing, but how you can see it poses a problem.As far as I can tell, it's not available on DVD.“After a beautiful play by David Johnson, Carson Palmer and company are now threatening. Mike Evans there from Jameis Winston and we will go to Carolina….” Off air again, Siciliano lets out an exaggerated sigh. He glances across the spread of screens and fixes on Colts-Chiefs, which is coming back from commercial. Though Chris Long, executive producer of Direc TV’s version, insists the shows are distinguished by personality (as well as whether or not there’s a space between words in the show title), the truth is that a viewer doesn’t get to choose between Hanson and Siciliano; it depends on what provider you subscribe to.Two and a half to go, third quarter.” “Now this is Raymond James in the right side of your screen, the Buccaneers, after a 42-yard play to Adam Humphries, they are in the red zone…” “Carson Palmer second down, incomplete.” “Now Jameis Winston, back of the end zone, that’s Cameron Brate, and that’s a touchdown.” “Nick Foles just connected with Chris Conley for 33 yards, they are now at the Indianapolis 38 yard line; Alex Smith has been ruled out for the rest of the day.” Ten minutes later, action has picked up and Siciliano puts his lunch aside. Siciliano’s show is only available through Direc TV’s Sunday Ticket package; Hanson’s show is carried on cable as well as Dish TV and some smartphones.We’re certainly not the reason America has no attention span, but I know we haven't helped the problem. “Nobody has any patience anymore when a game slows down. If the game they're watching is boring, they want to find a better one.