This is more than a one-time choice; rather, it’s an ongoing, moment-to-moment practice that involves witnessing fearful perceptions as they arise and actively choosing loving perceptions instead.To view the world through a lens of love, I recommend that people begin each day with a powerful intention: “I choose to release my fear and see love instead”.

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In my coaching practice, many of the women and men I work with struggle with one common theme: setting healthy boundaries.

I witness this challenge pop up in all relationships, whether it's with a business partner, a friend, or in a romantic relationship.

When you find yourself having difficulty saying “no” to others, doing things out of feelings of guilt or obligation, attempting to please others even at the expense of what's best for you, or not expressing your thoughts and feelings when someone upsets you, you are putting yourself last and putting others first—which doesn't serve any of the parties involved.

If we say “yes” to others asking of our time and energy and we’ve not filled ourselves up first, we are giving from a place of lack—which is a fear-based choice that sours the energy in a relationship and doesn’t serve either party.

It also breeds codependency, and prompts us to attract people and situations that drain us because we aren’t honoring our own needs and boundaries.

Many times, this way of being can create anger or resentment in the person who is putting her or his own needs behind others’.But learning to set healthy boundaries offers a perfect opportunity to strengthen our capacity to love ourselves and release the ego's fearful perceptions.In this article, I will help you identify the signs you need to create more boundaries in your life and walk you through the first steps for choosing love over fear, honoring yourself, and creating healthier and more meaningful connections.Sometimes, walking away from a job or relationship that's no longer serving us is the most loving choice we can make.If we choose to leave a person or situation, it’s important to trust and know that the universe has our back.And when we act from a place of love, rather than a place of fear, we experience a radical shift that transforms our struggles and breaks old patterns that are no longer serving us.