There are many other translations: "a river dividing like a hand", "a fun place in spring", "river of the long war", "small forest", "small tree", "theatre of the great squirrel quarrel", "good river for canoeing", "beautiful river like five fingers", "five branches", or "many branches".

In 1672 Nicolas Denys was the first to mention the use of the name in connection with the village, in his Geographical and historical description of the coasts of North America, with the natural history of this country.

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Out of these units 73.6% are individual, 6.4% are apartments or duplexes, and 17.3% are buildings with fewer than five storeys.

Finally, 1.8% of dwellings are classified as "other" such as mobile-homes.

Campbellton railway station and Charlo Airport complete the means of transport in the region. The Cormier taxi connects Montreal to the Acadian Peninsula and has a stop in the village.

They are home to migratory aquatic birds and breeding grounds for birds such as the Great blue heron, the Osprey, and various mammals.

In addition, up to 2,000 snow geese can be observed between mid-April and late May.

According to Statistics Canada the village had 576 private dwellings in 2006 including 550 occupied by residents.

It has a few tributaries in the area with the main one continuing east parallel to Highway 11.

Walker Creek flows into the Restigouche River in Campbellton.

The Quebec side extends, from west to east, from Restigouche-Partie-Sud-Est to Pointe-à-la-Croix and Listuguj.

Walker Creek rises in the south-east of the territory.

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