The Made In Chelsea favourite and reality star Vogue have moved in together in Spencer’s expensive West London flat.

The couple have been dating for seven months after they met on television show The Jump.

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Until recently Spencer was somewhat living the life of a single man as he did not take Vogue to Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

Spencer is good friends with Prince William and Pippa’s sister Kate Middleton and was seen with them at Pippa’s big day but he did not bring Vogue as his guest.

A friend claimed: “Spencer is head over heels in love. Vogue moved in a few weeks back but didn’t really want to live in Spencer’s place where so many of his ex-girlfriends had lived.“They wanted to get a brand new place together to signify how serious they are about spending the rest of their lives together.“They’ve been looking for their dream home for a few weeks and signed on the dotted line as soon as they found it.”Spencer’s long list of live-in girlfriends include model Lauren Hutton, Made in Chelsea stars Stephanie Pratt, Louise Thompson and British model and dancer Funda Onal.

But pals claim he’s a changed man since meeting Vogue.

“I just got back from Milan,” he says, beaming, before ordering three poached eggs (peak It-boy breakfast) as waiters flutter around him.

Spencer Matthews and his girlfriend Vogue Williams have taken their relationship to the next level.----------------- Last year’s X Factor champion Matt Terry has finished recording his debut album.While 2015 winner Louisa Johnson’s record still hasn’t seen the light of day, Matt’s told me his is practically done and dusted. However, Vogue has now put the rumours to rest, saying that it's not her kind of thing.When asked about the series and if she'll become a fixture, the model said, "Absolutely not, no!Definitely not my thing." Vogue explained that even though her and Spencer are very close, they have different projects going on at the moment, which keeps them apart from time to time. I love TV, so the more I get to do that the better, but I’ve got a really packed schedule at the moment. I’m away quite a lot so he’s good enough to come and follow me at the end of my shows and we get a few days together.