The beach was the focus of a major revitalization effort in the 1980s.

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Of course it never hurts to come back and eat at Kelly' fish and chips ever !!!! The area surrounding the beach area was at one time full of bungalows and summer vacation properties.

A lot of these still remain and have been converted into year round residences.

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From the time of Reveres incorporation as a city in 1915 until the present, Reveres growth continued and all its farmlands are now developed.

Rapid growth and residential development occurred after World War II and into the 1950's.

Reveres first inhabitants were Native Americans who belonged to the Pawtucket Tribe and were known as the Rumney Marsh Indians.

Europeans first discovered Rumney Marsh when Englishmen explored the coast of New England in 1614. Many travelers, attracted by the fertile soil and lovely crescent beach, returned here to settle.

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Today, there are many new residences along the beach that offer direct access to this great landmark and recreational attraction.