When the Girl Next Door does not take the role of token tomboy, the Pragmatist does, and might even be a focused athlete.

Selecting this girl may indicate that you have difficulties navigating femininity, and perhaps have had past relationships that fatigue you of catering to the whims of more capricious girls.

She may have a poor constitution or even an autoimmune disorder of some kind – the key is that she has poor social skills and is painfully shy.

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The Sexy Fox: This is most often the character modeled most conventionally on Western archetypes.

She’s usually blonde and well-endowed – in contrast to her appearance, she often has a sweet, if excessively outgoing personality.

The Bookworm: This character archetype needn’t necessarily be an academic.

She’s characterized by her generally frail appearance, and is usually pale, commonly with dark hair.

The best tactic for wooing this girl is to give her or show her things you made yourself, which means you’re less of a risk-taker.

The Pragmatist: This character is distinguished by her marked unsentimentality.

So you certainly don’t need to be a hentai game fan to be familiar with dating sim elements.

In fact, after even only a little bit of exposure, you may notice a few repetitive archetypes. Remember when we rounded up some of the most common archetypes of eroge games?

This archetype can often merge with either the Pragmatist or the Supernatural, creating a distant scientist or an ethereal, inhuman ghost, for example.

Fans of the Ice Queen definitely love a challenge – wooing her often takes completing additional objectives or sidequests beyond what might work for the other possible brides.

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