A dating site for white people is targeting one of the whitest places in America with a giant billboard for featuring a couple of, you guessed it, white people hugging seatbelt style.

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We matched this space with the designers of Mookum who created an offline exhibition space and shop for their products.

This new and fresh impulse to the shopping center turns out to work really well, as it creates a new experience for visitors who have more reason to come to this particular area. Larger shops are looking for smaller entrepreneurs that want to rent, for instance, 10 square meters of their shopping space.

Spacified is not only about empty office spaces, but also about retail and event spaces.

We’ve chosen to not focus on a niche market, but look at urban spaces in a broader sense.” How did the idea to start Spacified come about?

Our main concern is to make space use accessible to entrepreneurs and initiators that want to try out stuff.

‘Anything is space’ is our philosophy, which means that we don’t want to focus on only retail, or only workspaces.

Sometimes the reason is financial, but some shop owners also look for added value.

A parasite store inside of theirs could bring in spirit, new energy and a fresh group of customers. Most professional kitchens are badly used — only right before dinner.

We believe that our perception of space is still very narrow.