But if you’re overwhelmed by too many choices, you can narrow them down a bit by specifying in your profile the age range, geographic location, or other characteristics that you are seeking in a partner.

While niche sites tailored to specific interests are likely to have fewer members than mainstream ones, they still have an important benefit, according to Martin Graff, Ph.

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The rise in online dating among that age group was second only to the surge among millennials ages 18 through 24, whose use of those matchmaking digital tools nearly tripled during the same period.

Much of the stigma that accompanied online dating in its early days has disappeared, and nearly 60 percent of adults in the U. now view it as a good way to meet people, according to the Pew report.

Finally, unless you’re seeking someone much younger than yourself, dating sites that are designed specifically for those in their 50s or older may simplify the search process because your field of possibilities is restricted to that age range.

This can be especially helpful to women, according to Jeffrey Hall, Ph.Which sites are best for you is a matter of personal preference, and even those that charge monthly fees often offer a free trial period, which makes it easier to test-drive them.The large non-specialized sites that leave matchmaking completely up to the user offer the advantage of exposing you to a bigger selection of potential dating partners.D., an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas and lead author of a 2010 study examining online dating profiles.His study examined what people are seeking in a partner and which facts they tend to misrepresent about themselves, such as age or weight.All around us we see gorgeous people, on television, in movies and magazines.