In an age of unparalleled narcissism, even the serial killers want to direct their own movies first.

And there are all sorts of legal implications to this explosion of virtual fingerprints, not only with respect to solving crimes but also in terms of inspiring others. Both Gill and Castillo appear to have been obsessed with the 1999 Columbine murders in Littleton, Colo.

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Gill loved to play Super Columbine Massacre, a computer game that simulates the high-school shootings. 29, just before he took a sawed-off shotgun to his old high school, Castillo sent a videotape and letter to the There is nothing like the World Wide Web for forging deep and meaningful bonds between anti-social outcasts. " wrote a 19-year-old Indiana member who called herself caranya in the comments section of Gill's Vampire Freaks page one day before the killings.

Whereas before the advent of the Internet, Kimveer Gill may well have lived out his days drinking whiskey and hating others in his parents' basement, the Web site Vampire afforded him the opportunity to reach out and touch thousands of other petulant misanthropes. Subsequent postings from visitors to caranya's Web page aren't kind: "Congratulations on inspiring a psycho to go on a murderous rampage killing innocent kids," says one.

The reported this week that the site's 616,000 members grew by 800 in an hour last Friday morning, two days after the attacks.

Networking sites like My Space and Facebook also make would-be criminals' jobs vastly easier, from pedophiles to stalkers.

A star witness in another Canadian murder trial associated with Vampire discussed the trial on her blog, resulting in a mistrial.

A California prosecutor has abandoned his efforts to shut down the website of a criminal defendant.

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