SINGAPORE - Dating company, Lunch Actually Group, has officially acquired Indonesia's biggest online dating service, Setipe.

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It got an initial boost from the networks of its hometown creators, with Mr. Future components of the app may include a “review” section where friends and family members can offer a bit of insight into their beloved and make help endorse them as the hot commodity they believe them to be. Trainor, relegates those users to the important roles one might have seen in the old bar-based dating scene of yesteryear.

The app also allows less-single members to go hunting for dates their single friends might be interested in and share those profiles with just a swipe.“We are constantly checking in with our users to learn what would be of value to them and how the user’s experience can be improved,” he said.

It is estimated that more than 40 million Americans are active on the various online dating sites and apps. Trainor’s point about the need for verification, it is also estimated that more than half of those people lie on their profile in some capacity.

That’s 20 million people misrepresenting something about their physical appearance or lifestyle — numbers that are only on the rise as online dating grows in popularity across all age groups.“We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg where this concept is concerned,” he said.

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Thalib will remain as CEO of Setipe and will also head up Lunch Actually Group's Indonesian operations.