Jefferson medals, first issued in 1801, display on one side a bust of Thomas Jefferson and on the other, the clasped hands of an Indian and a US soldier.The one to the right bears a metal wristband worn by Native American chiefs, and the one to the right wears the braided cuff of a US military officer.

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The Native Americans Reference Collection [microform]: Documents Collected by the Office of Indian Affairs.

Records of the Indian Division, Office of the Secretary of the Interior [microform]: Special Files, 1848-1907.

What are thought to be the earliest peace medals issued by the US government carry the date 1789, the year of President Washington’s inauguration, along with the inscription G. With his right hand he drops his tomahawk while simultaneously receiving a pipe of peace with his left from a figure of Minerva, symbolizing the young America.

On the reverse is an eagle with wings extended and thirteen stars above its head, the arms of the Unites States.

Modern American Indian Tribal Government and Politics, by Howard Meredith.

On the Drafting of Tribal Constitutions, by Felix S. Indian Tribes as Sovereign Governments: A Sourcebook on Federal-Tribal History, Law, and Policy, by Charles Wilkinson & the American Indian Resources Institute. Oakland, Cal.: American Indian Lawyer Training Program, 2004. Native Americans: Rights, Laws, and Legislative Developments, edited by Charles P. Los Angeles: UCLA American Indian Studies Center, 2012. Tsaile, Ariz.: Navajo Community College Press, 1993. Negotiated Sovereignty: Working to Improve Tribal-State Relations, by Jeffrey S. The following sources collect primary documents and other information pertaining to these agreements. The National Indian Law Library Tribal Law Gateway The National Indian Law Library (NILL) serves both the Native American Rights Fund and the public. Board of Indian Appeals (IBIA) Decisions 1970 - [IBIA Archive] [Westlaw] Opinions of the Solicitor of the Department of the Interior Relating to Indian Affairs, 1917-1974. The Tribal Law Gateway is a portal to the laws of federally-recognized tribes, Alaska Native villages, and pueblos in the United States. Many Indian peace medals today are archived in museums, libraries, and cultural centers.