8.5Pre-war design, this Emerson "war-horse" became a prototype of many Emerson fans made between the years 19. Among it's features it boasts Parker blades and includes a bullet added to the rear of the fan to hide the oscillator and give the fan a sleeker, more streamline look. The sturdy rubber sleeved wire base offers a wide range of positions, from just under parallel to far beyond perpendicular, in which the angle of this fan can tilted and held in place with tightening knobs on either side of it's axis.

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It arrived with a cut AC cord and we have simply not had the time resources to invest into it.

Stands 23" tall and face is 20" in diameter and fan is 12" in overall depth. WESTINGHOUSE"JET TURBINE" STYLE FANMODEL 16RWFCond.

9.5These were very popular fans right after the War.

Except for a few minor scuffs the finish is perfect and original.

Blades have been polished as have rear bullet and cage.

Original Black "" finish in good shape with only minor normal finish chips that have been touched up. Classic "Spider-Web" design cage with polished aluminum blades and a chrome plated rear bullet. We have completely restored this one cleaning and lubing motor and completely cleaning black cast iron base and body. Runs VERY fast and smooth, with moderate noise level, sounds like an airplane, moves a lot of air and looks great! 8.5These are our favorite fans for both vintage style and also serious performance. Originally an oscillating version, this one has been converted to a "static" model. This one is the cleanest example we have ever seen. It's essentially in 'as-found' condition and other than a cursory cleaning, we haven't restored it. We are dating it based on a number of factors, but the 'circa' date is definitely not based on concrete info. Chrome plated, "basket-weave" metal grills look great and with the exception of some light corrosion around the edge of the front grill (see photos) both are also in excellent condition. The dating factors are, 1) 'Squared / windmill' shaped blades, 2) brass cage, 3) cast motor, 4) Cutout version of "The Standard" Flag, & 5) The . The original finish is actually in fabulous condition with most of the original 'Gold' pin striping and the original 'Silver' numeration still intact. The cloth cord connecting the base to the motor in the rear of the fan has some fraying to the cloth. Unfortunately we do not have the blades or blade brackets, but would make a great candidate to restore or utilize with more recent blades. Stands 13" tall and face is about 10.5" in diameter. It features a 3-speed control in the base and swivels through a wide range of angles in it's yolk style mounting.