These charming boutiques have been popping up everywhere with three locations in the metro area including the Mosaic District in Fairfax and the National Harbor in Maryland.

From horoscope signs and birthstones to sports teams and colleges, it doesn’t take long to find several must-have pieces!

If sex is always a part of your dating relationships, it becomes easy to develop a pattern of shaky relationships, easy breakups, STD tests, infidelity, and a lack of stability in your life. Although you may be heartbroken if you break up before you marry, you will still have the gift of your virginity.

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Alex and Ani “embrace the power of positive energy” as their corporate belief.

Their American-made products are infused with positive intention to “empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual.” They also believe in the power of gratitude and giving which makes their brand a perfect partnership for local non-profit Suited for Change.

These things occupy your mind and keep you from really getting to know the other person. If your relationship is based on sex, sex is all you have; you have no personal connection, only physical intimacy.

When things get tough, you may find you don’t have anything in common, and your relationship will fall apart. If you wait until you are married to have sex, you will know for sure that your partner loves you enough to want to be with you and only you. STDs won’t be a problem if you and your partner save sex for each other.

Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that there is such a thing as “safe sex.” There may be “reduced risk sex,” but that is all you can depend on. “Oral Sex Cause of Throat Cancer Rise: Experts Say They Fear Epidemic of Throat Cancer Caused by HPV Infection.” Web

The only way to ensure that you will not be faced with an unplanned pregnancy or unexpected STD is to wait until you are married to have sex. So what is the alternative to sexual dating relationships? Two out of 3 people who gave up their virginity say that they wish they had waited. Abstinence gives you the opportunity to give the precious gift of your sexuality to the person that you vow to spend the rest of your life with. By using this abstinence-based process, if you decide at any point during steps 1-9 that you are not compatible, you can end the relationship without having lost the gift of your virginity. No one practicing abstinence has ever gotten pregnant, had an STD, or regretted losing their virginity. If you doubt the reality or beauty of abstinence, read about some people who chose to remain abstinent until married ( etc.). Online dating is the romantic equivalent of eating at Denny's: There's a menu full of tantalizing photos and enticing descriptions, but that Grand Slam breakfast never looks quite as good when it's sitting in front of you.