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Even if only a few HIV viruses did pass through a porous condom, the risk of infection would still be extremely small; but in those cases where condoms fail catastrophically, massive exposure to the HIV virus is inevitable.

In cases of failure during intercourse with an HIV‑infected person, there is the distinct possibility of a protracted and extremely unpleasant death. The frequency of condom breakage depends upon many factors, including the type of lubricant used and the brand of condom. Contraceptive Technology (17th Revised Edition) [New York: Ardent Media, Inc., 1998].

Imaginary Worlds She makes a valid point in proposing that the "mega-novel" is "the natural format for anything so sprawling as a fantasy universe." I don't dispute that fully developing a secondary world (in Tolkien's terminology) requires time, space, and many thousands of words.

However, the claim that a satisfactory imaginary world can't be built in a short story—that "If you write real high fantasy in 4,000 words, details and all, it tends to be a snippet, not a story"—goes too far, in my opinion.

This summary is intended to be a resource for those who need straightforward, simple and concise facts about condoms." The entire report can be found at The basic problem is as follows. “Latex Condom Breakage and Slippage in a Controlled Clinical Trial.” Contraception, 1997;.21 (events of breakage and slippage were unambiguously not double counted).

No matter how much `safe(r) sex’ education is taught, no matter how many bowls of free condoms are left in plain view, and no matter how much contraceptive marketing is propagated, there are a number of mechanical and human factors that simply cannot be controlled [3]; * They deteriorate in even the best of conditions, but even more rapidly in extremely cold or hot situations. (4) Sydney, Australia — Study of Sydney Female Prostitutes.

Every once in a while, I accept a non-fiction book, or one that's fictionalized non-fiction, and from those I sometimes hit a jackpot of information.

Today I want to point you to a book that is being promoted heavily by one of the biggest publishers in the world, Penguin Group.

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