New technologies and scientific insights increasingly contribute to placing questions concerning man’s origin and destiny on the immediate agenda.It can be argued that we, as the planet’s probably most innovative species, are now agents for an evolutionary process which in its consequence lead towards the possible creation of new forms of intelligent entities and a new universal consciousness.

Scientists rely on symbolically specific proxies, such as artistic expression, to document the origins of complex cognition.

Advanced technologies with elaborate chains of production are also proxies, as these often demand high-fidelity transmission and thus language.

Met Akerboom (1961) heeft de Nationale Politie een gepokt en gemazeld politieman binnengehaald.

Hij ging naar de politie-academie en schopte het binnen de politie tot korpschef van Brabant-Noord.

If we have arrived here today, in time and space, as a consequence of life having arisen by chance, as a beautiful accident, then is this still an accident happening, only now with us as its designers?

In our apparent urge to reinvent ourselves, the trajectory itself seems just as interesting. Morf 2018 - A Beautiful Accident - has the ambition to present for a broader audience art projects, conferences and concerts from international artists, musicians, writers and researchers with an interest in Speculative Design and Futures.

The assembly of our new shared memory bank, the digital cloud, and the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and life that we witness, are processes that combined have the potential of laying ground for the creation of Worlds.

Man’s journey through the ages contains one constant, innovation, and on our path towards the future we are constantly changing our perception of our world and ourselves.

Om vi har ankommet her i dag, i tid og rom, som en konsekvens av at liv er oppstått som en tilfeldig hendelse, som en “vakker ulykke”, er det da fremdeles en ulykke under utvikling, bare nå med oss selv som dens designere?