Despite being a straight-A student, she struggled to fit in at Durham University and dropped out.

After working as a barmaid at Notts County FC, she met footballer Neil Bishop, and they got married and had a baby.

Background: As a child, Alana was brought up in a family of ‘hippy travellers’.

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Figures slipped out by the Department of Business show that in the year to April 440,000 people began apprenticeships – down from 510,000 the year before.

In particular the number of 19 to 24-year-olds starting an apprenticeship fell by more than 6,000 – despite generous incentives to employers to take part.

Television Without Pity is full of humorless creepy people who overanalyze things to death.

That is, when they are not pretending that they are better than actual writers of TV shows when it comes to understanding said TV show.

She founded Famous Frocks when she was 25, and had her three children with her business partner.

She raises the children alone, and has since set up her own women’s fashion brand, Prodigal Fox, with her children.

She was taken into the boardroom after the first two tasks, and looked set to leave the competition when she struggled to speak in front of Lord Sugar.

However, her confidence grew after winning the sweets task and Karren Brady has since described her as ‘steely’.

At least here we can all fling dirt at each other without a weird mod banning us for grammar and spelling mistakes.

The number of people starting Government-backed apprenticeship schemes fell by almost 70,000 last year to the lowest number since the initiative was launched.

She now runs a company selling cakes to festivals and country shows, and employs her boyfriend as a salesman.