He reprised the role for the one-off Viva Blackpool!

in 2006, though Tennant and Parish were not involved.

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"We have one last story to tell, featuring both familiar faces and new characters.

I hope it's a compelling and emotional farewell to a world and show that means so much to me."Other cast members for the upcoming series include Sunetra Sarker, Lenny Henry, Charlie Higson and Georgina Campbell.

After graduating from RADA, Morrissey worked on stage for four years with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

In the early 1990s, Morrissey was typecast as policeman and soldiers; he appeared in Black and Blue, Framed (with Timothy Dalton), Between the Lines, Out of the Blue, The One That Got Away (with Paul Mc Gann) and The Knock.

Despite the speculation, Morrissey's character Jackson Lake had only been led to believe he was the Doctor after Cybermen infostamps implanted memories of the Doctor's past incarnations inside his head.

As he was playing a character with certain Doctor mannerisms, Morrissey allowed himself to be influenced by the performances of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker.While a teenager, Morrissey trained at Liverpool's Everyman Youth Theatre, with Paul Mc Gann's brothers Mark and Stephen.At the age of eighteen, he appeared in the Yorkshire Television/Channel 4 drama One Summer before moving to London to train at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.The rumours intensified when David Tennant announced in October 2008 that he would be leaving the series.Russell T Davies was aware of the speculation, but asked Morrissey not to clarify the episode's plot so attention would be diverted away from the casting of Matt Smith as the real Eleventh Doctor. He had to reassure his children that the family would not be moving to Wales, where Doctor Who is produced, without revealing anything about the character that they might pass on to school friends.Towards the end of the decade, Morrissey played several critically acclaimed roles, including a crooked tax inspector in Holding On, Bradley Headstone in the miniseries adaptation of Charles Dickens' Our Mutual Friend, and pianist Kiffer Finzi in Hillary and Jackie.