In my previous article Details View Rich Data Control we have learned how to use Details View using SQLData Source data control... I got many mails about how to use Details View without SQLData Source. Here Database name is Employee and table name is tbl Emps. For achieve paging set Allow Paging property as True.

For example, you can display first, previous, next, and last links instead of page numbers in Detail View.

User can also update the existing database records.

Details View control supports the edit, insert, delete and paging functionality.

Write down the connection string in web.config file.

What if you want to select one of the items in the grid, and display an edit panel for that user? Take a look at my post called Creating a Gridview and Formview Master/Child page for more information.

Then, when the user updates that user, we want the new information to be “pushed” back into the Grid View. " Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Users] ([User Code], [First Name], [Surname], [password]) VALUES (@User Code, @First Name, @Surname, @password, @is Admin, @profile_id_fk, @Days Off, @Enabled); SELECT @User ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()" Select Command="SELECT [User ID], [User Code], [First Name], [Surname], [password] FROM [Users] WHERE ([User ID] = @User ID)" Update Command="UPDATE [Users] SET [User Code] = @User Code, [First Name] = @First Name, [Surname] = @Surname, [password] = @password WHERE [User ID] = @User ID" Take a look at line 115.

I am trying to make the Rad Color Picker work in a grid with inline editing.

Best wishes, Svetlina the Telerik team Hi Svetlina, I have updated an existing service ticket with these details, but for benefit of the forum, here is cut-and-paste code that shows the problem. If you change the templated binding line below from this Hi Jim, Thank you for provided code and for clarifying your scenario.

The problem is caused by the fact that only primitive type properties such as string, int, bool are bindable declaratively.