Some of the sloppiness in the finish was perhaps the biggest surprise, given how meticulous its serial-killer leading man usually is.

For starters (and be warned: lie ahead), the show took its time this season before finally settling on an antagonist for Dexter, played brilliantly, as always, by Michael C. But the notion of essentially giving him a spiritual twin — another killer, with similar appetites, born to the woman (Charlotte Rampling) who helped devise the vigilante “code” devised to constructively channel his homicidal tendencies — felt like a bit of a cheat.

On Tuesday night, Hall and Carpenter—who play siblings on their Showtime TV series, but fell in love on set and eloped in 2008—were spotted at Beverly Hill’s Peninsula Hotel, Radar reports.

Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, who finalized their divorce in December, might be taking a second shot at love.

Yet the most tiresome Dexter example would be Angel Batista and Maria La Guerta. The levity and diversity of 's supporting cast often serve as a backbone and counterpoint for the show.

Their sudden courtship and marriage from last season defied character development, and now we face what amount to exchanges so boring and trite that it's a wonder these characters had been compelling in seasons past. Colorful characters like Angel and lab tech Vince Masuka provide comedy as well as a break and from the kill tools and trauma so central to episodes.

It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. It's makes our favorite television and movie romances come alive.

But what if two actors are playing brother and sister on screen? “Michael and Jennifer were seated at a dimly lit corner table, sipping wine,” a witness said. The next morning, the pair was photographed getting coffee together, meaning that the date could have turned into a sleepover. Hall‘s wife, Jennifer Carpenter, 31, who plays his sister Debra on the show, filed for divorce this week and here’s why: he’s been cheating on her — and it began on the set of their show.His new love interest on the show is Julia Stiles, 29, and the two have apparently been carrying on an affair since October according to gossip site Lainey Gossip, who wrote: “Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes to capture it for show…'s fifth-season kickoff may have pulled in an impressive 2.3 million viewers, but the second episode illustrates a groan-worthy problem of the show—apparently in Miami, the only people worth dating are your coworkers.