Ana Lisa, a lot of people want to know what’s going on with her. What do you think it is like I’m a crackhead or some sh*t just like everyone else is thinking. Raven batted it up for us [she’s a producer on The View] and we hit them with a bang. All of us sitting down and giving our all to the public letting them know what’s going on.

did raven symone dating orlando brown-50

After some questionable behavior as of late — like when Brown claimed he had a sexual relationship with his former costar Raven-Symoné and the release of new video footage that allegedly shows an intense altercation between him and his girlfriend — the actor is now making eyebrows raise some more.

He allegedly shared the NSFW sex tape footage himself via social media — although it was pretty quickly reported and deleted.

So I was sitting there wasting away but talking to God.

We could only take showers when the water was warm.

cast including Anneliese Vander Pol and Orlando Brown reunite on ? As comedians they were doing very funny stuff which Anneliese attributes to Raven as she led the way with her incredible physical comedy.

The cast explains the show was so successful because of the comedy and amazing chemistry.

Could this be the reasons for his bizarre abortion accusations? He could just be looking for attention, or is going WAY too far to throw shade at her.

Neither party has responded to the Instagram post yet, but we’re sure Raven wants to end this as quickly as possible before it gets even more out of hand.

You guys can look forward to a real thats so raven reunion.