The pattern features continuously varying curves in all planes so using a 3D process ensured that the drawing was reproduced accurately.Due to size it was necessary to build the pattern in a modular form (the spokes, segments of the rim, boss etc.).

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What then followed were processes from current industry best practice, which Swindon itself would be using if doing the job today.

Caddick and Moss converted the Swindon 2D drawing into 3D using a Solid Works package.

By agreement with the South Devon Railway, a small amount was left on the wheel seat diameters (100 ‘thou’) to allow them to control the interference fits.

As can be seen from the photos, the wheel centres have now been pressed onto the axle successfully.

This package of work represents the highest expenditure in any year for the project so far and demonstrates our determination to get 4709 on her wheels as soon as possible.

Now other works must now be completed to allow wheeling to take place and typical tasks and costs include the following: • Fitting the remaining Horns (£6k) • Grinding all Horns to ensure alignment (£5k) • Refurbishing all axleboxes (£18k) • Fitting the Spring Hanger Brackets (£8k) During February, we had a visit from the VAB engineer who thoroughly inspected all work to date on the chassis.

1 – now complete (Assemble new basic wheelset from axle and wheelpans) • Turn new axle wheel seats for press fit to wheel centres • Machine two keyways on axle • Press wheel centres onto axle • Make and fit new keys to the axle/wheel interface Work Package No.

2 (Complete assembly of new wheelset, except crankpins) • Turn new wheel centres to finished dimensions including preparing for Gibson Ring • Bore tyres • Fit tyres and Gibson Rings, supply Gibson Rings • Turn tyres to appropriate profile • Machine crank pin thrust areas Work Package No.

He pronounced himself satisfied with the quality and standard of workmanship and meets the requirements for mainline running.

Looking towards the next phases in the project Don Ashton has recently completed working drawings forthe running boards and cab and we are seeking quotations to purchase the material to progress this.

It is close to the stage where it makes sense to paint the chassis and quotes for the materials have also gone out.