"He was a flake, light fingered — he never grew up," was one comment. I think Alex's mother gave him [Tree Frog] 0 a month to take care of him but he was secretive.One Boonville resident remembered Cabarga was about 14 when she last saw him here. They went from house to house until he wore out his welcome." The same woman described him as coming on "like a friend of kids," and recalled expensive gifts he brought Alex.He seemed to be good with children until an incident aroused her suspicions.

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Right now, no one is running for the Ukiah seat, but it is very possible that King Collins could file at the last minute and be slam-dunk elected because the seat is uncontested.

As you may know, King has been thrown out of (or not re-elected to) almost every organization he has ever been a part of in Mendocino County.

Kate Marianchild, Ukiah CATCH OF THE DAY, Jan 28, 2015 KIRK ELLIS, Willits. NOW OPEN Supervisor Dan Gjerde writes regarding the opening of Coast trail link joining Noyo Harbor with the old scenic Haul Road along the ocean front north of the old mill site: “Wow. Sunshine welcomed hundreds of people who enjoyed Fort Bragg's coastline.

Along the trail, you could see rocks that are part of the California Coastal National Monument." BLAST FROM THE PAST Kidnapping Suspects Linked to Anderson Valley [Anderson Valley Advertiser, January 5, 1983] by Betty Malmgren, Editor Right before Christmas several Anderson Valley residents got a surprise.

The suspects' connection with the Mendocino Coast — especially the Albion area — was quickly established.

Once we learned the suspects had lived in Anderson Valley, it was not difficult to find Boonville residents who remembered them. We got the same impressions of "Tree Frog" from several different people.

The picture those who knew him paint is of a drifter, a "moocher," someone who hangs around until asked to leave.

And he hung around with several different Boonville families over a period of several years.

He implied that your duties as a board member could be minimal if that is your preference. After World War 2, with no real industrial competition, with all the gold, with the world reserve currency, we RULED.