I have made over 500 orders through Amazon and the only two I had issues with were the two handed to this carrier.Last time I called after spending an extra £5 for a monring deliver.

dpd tracking not updating-21

Dpd tracking not updating video

Even worse than Yodel if thats possible I've been waiting to speak to someone for over 40 minutes now, when the automated voice estimated 5 minutes. EDIT: Turns out, after waiting to speak to someone for nearly an hour, that the 'adviser' can't actually tell me anything.

So I've just wasted a lot of my time for nothing. I've been told to call in the morning to find out why your driver decided not to deliver my package today and what time tomorrow I may get it. Shambles of a service - having paid for next day delivery they just didn't turn up with no phone call to explain - it took me three attempts at calling their customer service number and a 45 minute wait despite being constantly told i was at the head of the queue.

Good afternoon Luca, I am sorry that you have had such a troublesome experience with DPD and for the inconveniences this has caused you.

I have reached out to a member of our customer service team, so an advisor will be in touch with you either later today or tomorrow to speak on this matter and to assist you in rectifying the situation.

Given a delivery slot of 1.50pm -2.50pm today,had the afternoon off work. Spoke to lady on chat and she just sent a template message saying driver was delayed.

Whats the point of timeslot if theres no chance of making it. I'd like to know where my package is sometime today since I can't see it on your website for some reason.

Tried to cancel the delivery but still getting texts and emails saying that my package will be delivered tomorrow... I understand that this is also partly Vodafone's fault but just wanted to share my experience so others don't go through the same.

I understand now why so many bad reviews Good afternoon Alexi, I am sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time whilst trying to receive your parcel.

After an hour on hold I got through to an unhelpful, unsympathetic operator who just said hey our drivers are busy enough!

Here is my recent adventure whit DPD: I ordered a pair o shoes from Nike for my brother birthday and they where meant to get delivered on te 7th of november between and , at , so i get a day off at work to be home and receive the delivery, the same day i get a text from DPD saying that the driver (Muhammed) tried to deliver the parcel but no one was home to sign for it, well absolutely nobody tried to deliver the package i sat in the lounge all day to be ready for it and the doorbell never rang, so i called DPD (if it was that easy, to manage to talk to a human being it took me 25 minutes and 3 different phone numbers) I was connected to an "advisor" who told me that he was going to get the driver to get back to me by the end of the day, so after a couple ion hours and still no delivery i decided to call DPD back and i was connected to another person who told me that the delivery was going to happen on the day after...

Apparently there was a problem with their system so why couldn't they tell me this on the phone?