(I mean, yes, a French accent is less exotic to someone from English Canada, but still.) Unfortunately, as perfect as Leo seemed, he was hiding a secret, which...actually, he didn't hide for long: he started physically abusing Alli almost immediately after they met, and she instantly fell into the cycle of excusing and apologizing for him because the good times were so good -- right up until she married him to keep him in the country and he reacted to her telling him they'd have to keep their marriage a secret by attacking her badly enough to leave injuries too serious for her to hide.Eventually, Alli decides she can't continue shielding Leo, and lures him to a meeting where local police arrest him.At first, my impression of this storyline was how sexist it is: over and over again, Drew complains about how "clingy" Zoe is and what a drag it is that she's gotten the idea that he likes her based on the fact that he slept with her and thus wants to spend time with him all the time. Even Clare gets in on running Zoe down, as if Clare's own romantic history is so unblemished, and as if Drew isn't very complicit in whatever wrong notions Zoe has gleaned about their relationship.

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Even the swanky Grade 9s who want permission to wear bra tops to school so that they can attract boyfriends come around to Imogen's way of thinking and thank her for the work she's done.

And does Imogen have the mental energy to pursue her noble cause? In the words of Kate Mc Kinnon's Billie Jean King: "There is no demographic in this world that gives less of a flip than 70-year-old lesbians" -- and young ones are evidently no more interested in making the powerful people around them comfortable.

Meanwhile, there's Imogen, who turns getting-into-trouble-over-forgetting-to-put-on-a-bra lemons into activism-against-the-sexist-dress-code lemonade.

What starts as vague revolution against the status quo turns into a focused plan to improve everyone's lives, redefining the dress code according to the students' in their outfits.

Even if it's not true 100% of the time for all girls in high school, the percentage is probably in the high 60s, and the sooner girls know it, the better.

Ameko, born a male, is a non binary performer who stars in the 2016 film Limina.Let's be real: if Alli and Zoe had never dated guys, they could be as happy, productive, and efficient as Imogen, and maybe been school heroes, like her, instead of objects of pity.just wants you to know that guys will ruin your life, and you know what?All left the series except for Charlotte Arnold who guest starred in the last two episodes.Season eleven was produced by Epitome Pictures in association with Bell Media.But that doesn't mark the end of the ill effects Leo has on her life: having one arm in a sling compromises her ability to complete her science fair project and requires her to lean not just on stupid Jenna but on Mike Dallas to assist her in the lab.