El objetivo principal de estas producciones es hacer felices a las personas.Eddie Peng says he's not in a love triangle with Jolin Tsai and Barbie Hsu By Charlene Chua / The New Paper ONE of his latest films is titled All About Women.He often stops at the local swimming pool, dropping off orders for the team of deaf athletes who train there.

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'But Eddie cheerfully revealed a real love triangle he was caught in during his junior high school days when he helped a friend chase a girl he was also in love with.'She ended up rejecting him because she liked me,' he said, chuckling.

Okay, so he claims there's nothing romantic going on between him and Barbie.

And in real life, charismatic Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng seems to be quite the expert in handling the fairer sex.

The 26-year-old idol - who was in town over the weekend to promote his new anime-adapted TV series Honey And Clover - spoke candidly and humorously and answered all questions with ease, even sensitive ones regarding his love life.

But maybe it's because she had pummelled the stuffing out of him on the set of My So Called Love, which opens in Taiwan on 21 Nov.

Eddie plays her selfless, giving long-time boyfriend who catches her having cybersex - the couple themselves hadn't done the deed despite being together for a decade.

While it still displays Cheng's unfortunate weakness for characters that act more like stock archetypes than believable human beings, it's still a wonderfully heartfelt film that manages to work in a surprisingly effective message without ever coming across as insufferably preachy.

Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng, All About Women, My So-Called Love) is a genial twenty-year-old living with his parents, running deliveries for their restaurant, biking boxed lunches all over the city.

Their relationship then takes a turn for the worse when Eddie's character starts to explore intimacy with men.

He prepared for this by watching films with similar content and consulting his own bisexual friends.

He also admitted he's capable of doing quirky things to the object of his affection, like dressing her up in a mouse costume - something done by his Honey And Clover character Shen Tian, a student who sleeps 48 hours in school.