The next thing we know, he calls me and says there’s a couple thousand people who have liked the page.

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We know, they totally look like they could be in a Noxzema commercial, right?

Silverstone's character was credited with making Jeep Wranglers, beepers, depositions and pleated skirts paired with knee-high socks cool. So to have such an extraordinary group of people, and to have everybody be young, and have so much fun, it was amazing."The successful film also spawned a TV show that lasted three seasons.

Elisa is also a mother to one-year-old, Scarlett, and just recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Charlie Bigelow. Brianne is the Online Managing Editor for Viva Glam Magazine. [But], I had no idea who they were before they came to the set. ” I was expecting them to be 12-years-old and I was making fun of them the whole day before they arrived. When I told them, Justin [Timberlake] responded, “You’re making fun of us? ” I said, “You are 100% correct.” We became buddies and we went out with them a lot. We shot at an old insane asylum way out in the valley.

She loves to interview musicians, actors, and comedians. When I was pregnant, I felt like there was a lot of information about all the great things.

She asked if I would do the reading while it was in development. Will [Ferrell] and Chris [Kattan] were reading as well as a few other people from the movie.

She is very down-to-earth and she has just been doing it for so long. is writing about the it and making it sound like I’m campaigning for it. I didn’t mean for it to turn into this, but I’m super psyched!

Not to mention dating that super-cute ex-stepbrother. Especially when I pushed [the character Elton] off [of me at a house party]. (Araya Diaz / Wire Image)"[Heckerling] had such a clear vision and she was able to translate it to us perfectly," Dash said."Just as everyone said, it was such a magical experience," added Donovan, 43, a.k.a. Silverstone opted out of the project, which starred Rachel Blanchard as Cher and included Dash, Donovan and Faison reprising their roles.

The actress said working on the film was "wonderful" and "so much fun," according to Us Weekly."I thought I was channeling Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball," she said of her lead character. Those were the things that I found lovely."Indeed, her character believed the animated characters in "Ren & Stimpy" were "way existential." Elton, a smarmy Beverly Hills rich kid, was played by Jeremy Sisto of "Suburgatory."The actress was 18 when she filmed "Clueless," which also starred Paul Rudd, Donald Faison and the late Brittany Murphy, who died in 2009."Rock of Ages" stage director Kristin Hanggi, left, joins costume designer Mona May, director Amy Heckerling, Stacey Dash, Stephanie Allain, Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan, all of "Clueless," in L. on Tuesday."Rock of Ages" stage director Kristin Hanggi, left, joins costume designer Mona May, director Amy Heckerling, Stacey Dash, Stephanie Allain, Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan, all of "Clueless," in L. Since Hollywood is in the business of making what's old new again, questions about a sequel or reboot aren't totally far-fetched.

You may know her as Ginger La Monica from 90210, Amber from Clueless, or Morgan from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I had so many meltdowns of laughter since they are hilarious to begin with. We always had fun holiday parties, birthday parties. It’s been fun to see how supportive fans are and it’s been really flattering. A friend just emailed me a link to another story on it.

But now, actress Elisa Donovan is getting attention for something other than her famous roles. When you are so tired, [it’s hard to keep composure]. We [were offered] dance doubles but we said, “We want to do it! She’s very much a family person so you become a part of her family.

Silverstone didn't necessarily shut down the idea, but she wasn't all that in love with it either, she told Wonderwall."I'm game to whatever Amy has in store. I don't even know what Cher would be up to these days."It'd be a total Monet, huh? The actress, who before "Clueless" appeared mostly in Aerosmith music videos, went on to star in a handful of plays, films including "Blast From the Past," "Batman and Robin," "Beauty Shop" and "Butter," and the short-lived TV series "Miss Match."The well-known vegan and animal activist also penned a parenting book called "The Kind Mama," in which she lays out her unique parenting style.